About Us

The Missouri Crop Improvement Association (MCIA) is an independent, not-for-profit organization providing unbiased, third-party services in the areas of seed certification, quality assurance (QA), identity preserved (IP) and source identified. In addition, MCIA operates a full service laboratory providing testing and analysis services for seed & grain products.

MCIA was formed in 1904 as a student club at the University of Missouri. Early work focused on the improvement of corn, eventually branching out into other crops. MCIA was known as the Missouri Corn Growers Association from 1904 until 1946, when the name was changed to the Missouri Seed Improvement Association. The name was changed to the Missouri Crop Improvement Association in 2004 in response to the addition of programs and services that branched out beyond the traditional seed programs.

MCIA is appointed annually by the Director of the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station as the official seed certifying organization for the State of Missouri and is the only entity that may perform official seed certification functions. This appointment is authorized in section 266.092 of the Missouri Seed Law.

MCIA is an active member of the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA) and holds a seat on that organizations Certification Standards Council. AOSCA is the international body charged with developing and maintaining seed certification standards and procedures.

Currently, MCIA provides inspection and testing services on over 800 brands and/or varieties of over 100 different species/crops.

For additional information on MCIA or any of the services provided, please contact us at:

Missouri Crop Improvement Association
3211 Lemone Industrial Blvd.
Columbia, MO 65201-7600
PH (573) 449-0586
FX (573) 874-3193
E-mail: moseed@aol.com


Officers, Directors, and Staff

President Vice-President
Rennie Davis
45339 Audrain Road 548
Vandalia, MO 63382
(573) 594-3222
E. L. Reed
1801 Fairchild
Chillicothe, MO 64601
(660) 646-5602
Richard Arnett
3211 Lemone Industrial Drive
Columbia, MO 65201-7600
(573) 449-0586
Region I  
Rennie Davis
45339 Audrain 548
Vandalia, MO 63382
(573) 594-3222
Steve Fleming
201 Ray Young Drive
Columbia, MO 65201
(573) 876-5285
Region II  
Dan Weber
Rt. 4, Box 130
Marshall, MO 65340
(660) 886-9998
E.L. Reed
1801 Fairchild
Chillicothe, MO 64601
(660) 646-5602
Region III  
Bruce Strobel
1173 NE 1075
Concordia, MO 64020
(660) 463-2895
Lynn Andrews
5505 Locust Road
Carthage, MO 64836
(417) 246-5510
Region IV  
Pam Rowland
11573 State Hwy. TT
Dudley, MO 63936
(573) 624-6666
Kevin Mainord
200 W. Russell
Anniston, MO  63820
(573) 649-3520
Eddie Hoff
1507 Chisholm Trail
Boonville, MO 65233
(660) 427-5546
Executive Director
Richard Arnett  
Assistant Director  
Ryan Barnes  
Field Services Manager
Rick Hofen
Laboratory Services Manager
Marshal Reidlinger, RST  
Laboratory Assistant
Paul Springer
Laboratory Assistant
Robin Crane
Laboratory Assistant
Cory Arnett



3211 Lemone
Industrial Blvd.
Columbia, MO 65201

PH: (573) 449-0586
FX: (573) 874-3193