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Seed Testing

Missouri Crop Improvement Association offers a seed testing laboratory managed by a Registered Seed Technologist. Seed testing is performed according to the Rules for Testing Seeds developed by the Association of Official Seed Analysts (AOSA).

Seed Tests Offered:

Standard Warm Germination
  • This test asseses the ability of a seed to produce a normal plant under favorable conditions.
  • Results are reported as percent germination, including dormant and hard seed.
  • This test is available for all crops.
Tetrazolium (TZ) Test
  • Tz tests provide rapid assessment of the germination potential or vigor of a seedlot and determine viable dormant seed in certain crops.
  • It is a biochemical stain test that requires at least 24 hours.
  • This test is available for most crops.
Accelerated Aging (AA) Test
  • This test is used to predict storability or vigor of a seedlot by exposing the seed to high temperature and humidity.
  • High quality seeds will produce normal seedlings while low quality seeds will produce abnormal seedlings or dead seeds.
  • This test is available for soybeans, wheat and rice.
Seed Purity/Noxious Weed Analysis
  • This is a visual examination of a specific amount of seed as described in AOSA Rules.
  • It is evaluated for the percent pure seed, inert, other crop, and weed seed.
  • A Missouri noxious weed seed exam is usually conducted along with a purity test.
  • MCIA also performs noxious weed seed exams for seed sales in other states as requested.
  • This test is available for all crops.


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