Lab Fee Schedule

CropGerminationPurity & NoxiousComplete Analysis
Small Grains16.7516.7533.50
Grain Sorghum16.7516.7533.50
Clover Species18.4019.4037.80
Grasses – Fescue20.5020.5041.00
Grasses – Ryegrass20.5020.5041.00
Grasses – Timothy20.5020.5041.00
Grasses – Canarygrass20.5020.5041.00
Grasses – Smooth Bromegrass20.5020.5041.00
Grasses – Orchardgrass20.5020.5041.00
Grasses – Kentucky Bluegrass20.5020.5041.00
Grasses – Bluestems*20.5050.00/hr70.50 +/-
Grasses – Indiangrass*20.5050.00/hr70.50 +/-
Grasses – Switchgrass*20.5050.00/hr70.50 +/-
Other Native Grass Species*20.5050.00/hr70.50 +/-
*Highly dormant species that may require a TZ test to determine percent dormant seed (separate fee may apply)

NOTE: Grass mixtures, uncleaned or low quality samples and coated seed will be assessed a fee of $50.00 per hour.

Please contact the MCIA office for pricing information on species and/or tests not listed above.


Standard Tetrazolium (TZ) Test (all species):     26.75

NOTE: Certain species may incur an hourly fee of $50.00 per hour. Please contact the MCIA office for clarification.

Accelerated Aging (AA) Test:     21.50

Seed count:     9.50

Download a pdf of our fee schedule by clicking here.


MCIA will establish an account for each client. Charges will be posted to your account at the time a preliminary or final lab report is issued. Clients will receive a monthly invoice for services provided.

MCIA’s seed testing lab is a full-service laboratory. For more information on services or pricing not listed above, please call the MCIA seed testing lab at (573) 449-0586.


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