Sampling & Sample Submission Instructions

Obtaining a Sample for Testing

  • For lots of 1-6 bags
    • sample each bag and take a total of 5 cores or handsful
  • For lots of more than 6 bags
    • sample 5 bags plus 10% of the number of bags Regardless of lot size, it is not necessary to sample more than 30 bags.
  • Bulk seed
    • take at least as many cores or handsful as if the same quantity of seed were in bags of ordinary size
    • Take the cores or handsful from well distributed points throughout the bulk lot
    • Sample Size 1
      • Soybeans, small grains, and corn:
        • Germ Only 1 pound Germ and Purity 2 pounds
      • Small seeded legumes and grasses:
        • All tests 1/4 pound

Mailing Instructions

Place sample in a sealable container (such as a zippered storage bag) along with an entering form with desired tests marked.
Download Entering Form

Place in an appropriately sized box with packing material. Send to:

Missouri Crop Improvement Association
3211 LeMone Industrial Blvd.
Columbia, MO 65201


3211 Lemone
Industrial Blvd.
Columbia, MO 65201

PH: (573) 449-0586
FX: (573) 874-3193