Identity Preserved

Identity Preserved (IP) refers to the maintenance of a product’s specific traits or characteristics through growing, production and marketing. The purpose of MCIA’s IP certification program is to assist in preserving the varietal and/or physical identity of a product.

MCIA has designed its IP system – a complete package of services – to verify specific traits through field inspection, storage facility inspections, laboratory analysis, record keeping and labeling. Although each program can be modified to meet specific needs, specific minimum requirements apply to equipment and storage facility care, maintenance of product identity and records. In order to use the IP logo, these specific minimum requirements must be met.

Identity Preserved programs are designed to assure the identity of certain traits or physical qualities. Several MCIA IP programs have been specifically developed to address the transgenic issue and provide a systems based approach to insure that certain products meet tolerance levels of genetic material derived from biotechnology.

MCIA IP programs are recognized throughout the world as reliable systems for the movement of products in international trade. MCIA works with customers to tailor programs to meet their needs while satisfying the general IP guidelines.


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